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Our Code of Ethics.

Principles and values driving our daily operations

A key ingredient for the good luck of our business “recipe” is the code of ethics: adopted by Unigrà and approved by the BoD, it states the principles and values driving our daily operations, as well as the set of rules of behaviour, conduct and responsibility that all company members must comply with.

This document applies to all personnel (regardless of their role or function) including, in addition to employees, all temporary workers, the members of the corporate bodies and anybody working at or providing professional services to Unigrà (including occasionally). This also applies to suppliers, customers, business partners, temporary association of companies, subcontractors, subsidiary and /or associate companies.

All the internal provisions and procedures are consistent with the principles stated herein.


1 Laws and regulatory provisions

Unigrà is strongly committed to respect the Law and all the regulatory provisions and, therefore, promotes their dissemination and update, providing assistance to all the workers through specific internal functions.

2 Honesty

Unigrà demands to its employees and collaborators to refrain from pursuing personal or business profit to the detriment of compliance with the applicable laws and the principles stated in the Code of Ethics.
In particular, the company strives to ban any conduct which may lead to unlawful advantages for customers or suppliers, either public or private.

3 Solidarity

Solidarity is a basic principle for Unigrà as well as a distinguishing feature of all of its activities. Every relation or transaction between economic operators is always based on human relationships.

4 Fairness

Unigrà guarantees equal opportunities for all workers and prohibits any kind of discrimination in terms of recruitment, training, salary and promotion based on geographical origin, sex, religion, sexual orientation, age, trade-union membership, political affiliation and any other potentially discriminatory reason.

5 Health and Safety

Unigrà strives to create work conditions suitable to protect the psychological and physical integrity and health of its workers, as well as to respect their moral personality; furthermore, the company is committed to ensure that any activity carried out on its behalf is based on risk prevention and on the protection of the health and safety of the contractors and other third parties.

6 Human Resources

Unigrà considers human resources as an asset to be protected and promoted in order to achieve knowledge, effectively manage change and acquire new ideas, improve productivity and quality, develop an individual and overall corporate growth.

7 Confidentiality

Unigrà ensures confidentiality of the information of its employees, suppliers and customers, unless otherwise set out by a contract and provided that this complies with the applicable laws. In particular, Unigrà undertakes to process the data and information about its employees, suppliers and customers pursuant to the applicable laws, including the EU Regulation 2016/679 (‘GDPR’). Each employee or collaborator, within the limits of their functions, must protect any information generated or acquired from any improper or unauthorised use.

8 Environmental protection

In the conduct of its business, Unigrà is committed to comply and ensure compliance with the applicable regulations on environmental protection as well as to fulfil all the relevant obligations. In this framework, the company promotes a balanced use of resources, with particular attention to prevent every kind of pollution.

9 Quality

Unigrà is committed to realise products and services by ensuring the utmost hygienic safety of the food products and keeping the highest quality.

10 Transparency

Unigrà acknowledges the crucial value of a proper, accurate and timely reporting about its goals, activities and results. This is fully and thoroughly ensured towards all the interested parties through the most suitable means.

11 Fair competition

Unigrà, in the relations with its competitors, adopts a conduct promoting fair competition, refraining from any form of collusion which may compromise compliance therewith.

12 Autonomy and Pluralism

Unigrà considers pluralism as a value and in all of its relations with other organisations, political and social parties, the company respects their nature, opinion and culture, although acting according to its own authenticity, autonomy and proactivity.